For over ten years, Dr. Belinda Smith’s workplace has been anywhere there is internet access. She has used internet access at home, in hotels, at restaurants, in malls, at nature parks, and libraries to engage e-learners. Dr. Smith presents e-learning workshops and seminars for educators wanting to learn strategies for engaging and motivating e-learners.She also writes blogs providing information to entrepreneurs. Engaging e-learners, writing for entrepreneurs, and leading e-learning seminars are activities she finds enjoyable and rewarding.

Dr. Smith enjoys traveling. She lived in Europe for nine years. While in Europe, she traveled to France, Italy, Prague, Denmark, Holland, and Austria. She has visited Chicago, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Hollywood, Vegas, as well as most East Coast states in the United States. She has visited Mexico, Canada, and the Bahamas. Dr. Smith looks forward to many more adventures.

Dr. Smith believes that learning is an adventure. Therefore, it is important to prepare learners for their trip by means of engagement. The best travel guide will know something about the traveler, how to reach the destination, as well as information about the destination. Are you ready to travel? Contact Belinda today.

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